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Little Recycled Silver Nugget Necklace

£55.00 - £81.00

Choose from one, two or three little chunky recycled silver nuggets on this pretty necklace.

The nuggets come in two sizes, the small nuggets weigh approximately 2.5g and can have up to 2 letters, numbers or a heart or star. The larger nuggets weigh around 4.5g and can have up to 4 letters, numbers or hearts or stars. You can choose any number up to three nuggets and any combination.

The silver is recycled by me using leftover materials from my popular bangles. I carefully weigh the silver to get the right amount for each nugget before melting it down to form a little ball, then I flatten each ball to form a circle which is around 2mm thick. The smaller ones are around 1cm across and the larger around 1.3cm. They are a slightly organic round shape.

If you want a heart or star on one just write (H) or (S) in brackets and I will know that you wish a heart or a star. Once you place your order, email me using the contact form to confirm what you would like on each nugget.

Hung on your choice of sterling silver chain.